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Life lies a slow suicide.


The dreadful fire shall be hot to many.

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I couldn't find his house.

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I haven't the foggiest.

The tree is straight.

Who's in charge of the sales section?


Perhaps you would have preferred a French dish.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.

Yes, tomorrow is my day off.

Christian went to an all-boys boarding school.

How far was it?


I want another beer.


The thermometer reads 30 degrees.

Limited research suggests that listening to music can benefit people who have Alzheimer's disease in various ways.

We adopted Sanche.

It's already 11.

I know she's pretty.

His parents go to church every Sunday.

We didn't tell you that.

I have just spoken.

Geoffrey drinks between three and six coffees a day.

Kevyn wants something, but I'm not sure what.

I don't see why I had to say anything.


It's going to be cool this weekend.

She needs time to think. Can she give you her answer tomorrow?

He said he would give a helping hand to them.

List was angry because he hadn't been invited to Becky's party.

She weighs about ninety pounds, soaking wet.

Roman wanted to leave.

After rounding the Dragon's Tooth, the wind was on our side, and we were flying. It felt like we were running twice as fast.

Free transportation will be provided, but you are expected to pay for your own food and drinks.

This one's old.


Diana knew that he would win.

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Are there still women who use your language at home?

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Hui doesn't want to take a walk now.

In the event that asbestos-covered mesh is found, ensure its safety by damping the asbestos portion to prevent dust release and wrapping in a plastic bag.

Who has more fans, Celine Dion or Mariah Carey?

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Write your name on this sheet of paper.


It's technically possible.


Sangho got impatient waiting for Alf.

I hardly ever see this kind of thing anymore.

For some reason, people have been avoiding me like the plague ever since I got back from India.

It's open year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I have too many things on my mind these days.

I've got good news for you, Pam.

I have to take the book back to the library today.

I started crying when I was chopping the onions.

Mr. Jackson has recently transferred to Tokyo from Los Angeles.

Can we talk to you?

I don't want to retire yet.

I know a better way to do that.

Spudboy has caused me a lot of trouble.

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Your mom is here.

It's just a cat.

I wish Judge the best.


It is worthwhile learning Spanish.


Clay is an adult now.


Volunteers are desperately needed.


Edmond is against smoking.


Doctor, I've got an itch in my crotch.

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You idiot! I swear! Screw this up one more time and it will be no more "Mr. Nice Guy". Capiche?

"We need to talk." "I don't need to talk to you anymore."

Does he understand Italian?

The truth finally came out at his trial.

I think we'd better go.

He spoke kindly with me.

I didn't do it for money.


Lynn broke up with Marie.

I didn't want to do it.

Why do you care at all?

Be as quick as possible.

I dropped my apple.


I just like to daydream.


I went aboard.

I had a tooth pulled.

I doubt Kriton would be interested in joining the army.


Have you ever eaten anything that made you hallucinate?

Even if everything else is considered, I still don't like this plan.

He was along toward fifty.


Am I going to have to do this by myself?

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Everybody has to die one day.


The date of the party is still up in the air.


Alvin Jackson was elected mayor.


Why didn't he come yesterday?

Please help me in welcoming Robin.

It's probably just a phase.

You're insincere.

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

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The expression on his face was more sour than a lemon.

It works on my machine.

Spring is an enjoyable season.

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I can't stand raw fish.

I've always wanted to visit another country.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.


Many people think that antique cars are overpriced.

I gave my seat to the old lady.

Rather than putting off this meeting, why don't we just call it off?

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Dorothy and Dean nod at each other knowingly.

Come near the fire.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

Come on, I will beat you.

Do you like this design?

I don't have time to do all the things that need to be done.

We can't leave her there.


Nobody can hear you.


Pia has been abroad for three years.

They can come on Monday or Tuesday, but not on Wednesday or Thursday.

Sherman was always in charge.


I have a memory like a sieve.


Margie's wondering if any of his kids will remember that today is Father's Day.

She knows what she's talking about.

I swear it's the last time.

I'll explain it to him.

Laurel has a solution for everything.

What do you think they were doing?

His courage won the day.

Vistlik smiled admiringly.

We're already high up in the sky.

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She asked about the location of the house.


Do you know the difference between silver and tin?

She finished her work an hour in advance.

You didn't miss a thing.

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Manuel deposited some money in the bank.

Keep it.

Dan shot several people.

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She denied having been asked to go on a business trip.

Ray barely ate his lunch.

I'll have you all speaking fluent English within a year.

What is there to see in Nantes for a tourist?

Nutella is not very well known in Japan. However, in America and Europe it's a popular spread and various sized jars of Nutella may be seen lined up inside many grocery stores and supermarkets.

To make a long story short, everything went fine.

They did warn Evan.


Let me know the result as soon as you can.


I think we should ask Steen how much sugar we need to make cookies.

Is there something else we should be doing?

He wanted to be a great military leader.

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You know what it is? Yes, jury duty, got a summons in the mail.

I'm not even sure I want to see that movie.

Do you have any recommendations for something to read on Aozora Bunko?


I have been to Europe twice.

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His joke made us all laugh.

He is a physicist.

The rumor spread throughout the country.

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Do you know why Marty wouldn't go to Boston with me?

All I can do is try.

She asked me if I knew Takeuchi's address.


Can anyone help out?


My work is finished here.


We were all tired.